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Can I paint or respray my plantation shutters in a colour of my choice?

Budget Shutters can paint your basswood shutters to match any dulux paint finish at between a 15% to 20% surcharge, depending on the wood. Other paint manufacturers can be colours can be matched at an increased cost, the pricing of which can be calculated on a case by case basis.

Shutters can be repainted but it is an expensive process, and only be done on wooden shutters not PVC, ABS or MDF.

Can interior shutters improve home security?

Budget Shutters louvered shutters can help improve the security of your home. When they are across a window they make it difficult of impossible for people to see into your home. This will reduce the temptation that will arise from our high tech or sentimental item that we have on display.

However please note that as with all wooden products our shutters will not withstand a concerted effort to smash them.

Can interior shutters improve privacy?

Budget Shutters louvered shutters will help enormously to improve the privacy of your home. When they are across a window they make it difficult or impossible for people to see in, depending upon the angle of the louvers.

However, again depending upon the angle of the louvers it is still easy to look out without being seen.

Can shutters be fitted on to UPVC windows?

Yes shutters can be fixed when customers have UPVC windows they can secured upwards and downwards. It is usually useful to be able to fix on the verticals in two places however this can be done using glue.

Can the time between order and delivery be speeded up?

The shutters are made in our dedicated, purpose built factory in China within 2 or 3 days of order, however they have to be shipped back to Sydney, Australia and it is this that takes the time. Shutters can be sent by airfreight if necessary, which considerably cuts down the lead-time, the price is $100 per sqm extra.

Our standard service where your shutters would be shipped back in a dedicated container is tried, tested and very successful, well worth the short wait.

Do the pins between the tilt rod and the slat fall out?

No, Unless subject to misused.

Do you offer a measure and installation service?

Yes, we pride ourselves on our knowledgeable and experienced in-house survey and fitting team. Normally, our measuring service is free of charge, although there may be exceptions for very small or remote enquiries, for obvious reasons. We like to discuss the nature of an enquiry prior to a site visit. We will only fit shutters where we have carried out a survey prior to order. Should you choose to install shutters yourself into an opening previously surveyed by our team, we can accept no liability for the failure of a satisfactory installation.

In essence, should you wish, we can do everything for you from start to finish - all you will have to do, is choose the style and colour of your shutters, from the selection of samples that the surveyor brings to your house.

How long will it take to have my shutters delivered?

The lead time is 6 to 7 weeks from the date of order confirmation / receipt of deposit.

How do I clean my shutters?

  • Dust the panels with a clean soft cloth.
  • For light cleaning, use a damp soft cloth (water only).
  • For heavy cleaning (grease marks etc.) wipe the panels with a damp cloth and a mild soap.
  • Do not use any lemon oils, furniture polish or Old English moisturizing polish

How long will my shutters last and what is my warranty?

Shutters that were installed 20 years ago (manufactured to a lower quality in comparison to the product that we now sell) are still in perfect working order. We have found that many customers now regard the installation of shutters as actually adding value to their homes.

Firstly, the shutters' long life-span is increasingly regarded as providing a saving on the need to replace constantly , unlike curtains or blinds. Secondly, their self-evident style is becoming increasingly popular and therefore they are much sought after.

We believe that we match or beat the best.

What are plantation shutters and why should I choose Budget Shutters?

Budget Plantation Shutters are designed to fit on the inside of windows and doors, they are superb for all rooms in both domestic and commercial environments. Benefits include:

  • great style
  • added privacy
  • reduction in heat loss
  • reduced noise and drafts

Our shutters are precision designed and manufactured from only the highest quality materials. We keep our customers informed at every step of the process of ordering shutters and value your feedback both before, during and after installation.

Customers love working with Just Shutters, we have the depth of knowledge and passion that potential customers look for.

Just Shutters has an enviable reputation for the highest quality of customer service; we recognise that you are trusting us with an important addition to your home and pride ourselves on the fact that we treat every house like a home, not a building site.

Will plantation shutters make my rooms dark?

The overwhelming response from customers and ourselves is no. The beautiful satin finish helps reflect a lovely soft light into the room often lighting up the ceiling above with a soft ambient light. Plantation Shutters in the darker colours and with smaller louvers will not bring as much light in as larger louvers and lighter colours, this effect is similar to light bright curtains against heavier drapes.

What should I do if I have any queries?

Please contact Budget Shutters on 0420345666 if you have any technical or general question.


Are they installed on the inside or the outside of the building?

Shutters are installed on the outside but are controlled from inside. Occasionally perhaps due to body corporate or council restrictions they can be installed on the inside. Outside is preferable and usual.

What are the most likely problems that could arise with the Shutter?

There are not many, providing you take care in operation. You must make sure that there are no obstructions in the way of the shutter curtain during operation. If things do go wrong do not try to effect serious repairs yourself. If your shutter is fitted with locks do not operate the motor with these in position or you could burn the motor out.

Do I need to maintain or service the shutter once it is installed?

Your shutter may require a little lubrication from time to time but under normal operation it should run smoothly, keep the channels/tracks clear. Usually poor operation is due to some form of damage. We do offer an annual service agreement for our Shutters, where we attend site once a year and thoroughly check the shutter and advise you of any serious problems before a serious problem arises.

We do not however place you under any pressure to enter into this contract.

How much heat do they keep out?

Shutters will keep out approximately 90% of the heat/cold gain through your windows. The trick is to have something on the outside preventing the heat/cold permeating the glass and roller shutters are terrific in this regard.

How secure are they?

The greatest asset of shutters is their deterrent value for break ins. As well they are a strong physical barrier. The time taken and noise created in attempting a break-in through a roller shutter is a very big deterrent.

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