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planet shutters in Sydney




We are a professional plantation shutters Sydney manufacturing and installing company. Plantation shutters come in a variety of styles, material and designs to blend perfectly with the architecture and make the windows look conspicuous.


Apart from satisfying the aesthetic taste, the plantation shutters function as their name suggests – invite the sun light as and when required, and block it when desired. These shutters are especially designed to provide a complete privacy.


We manufacture two types of plantation shutters:

1.       Brasshwood Shutters: comes in a large variety and provide the real value for your money. This timber shutter makes beautiful and eye-catching shutters that perfectly adorn the large and small sized windows. The Basswood shutters come in following styles:

·         Fixed                                                                    

.         Hinged

·         Sliding                                                                 

.         Bi-fold


What makes brasswood shutters really popular is that they are weather-resistant, and give a natural feel and a smooth paint finish. These shutters come in a variety of slat sizes to suit the size of the window, including:

.         64mm

.         89mm

.         114mm


2.       Water Resistant Plantation Shutters: are ideal for rooms that require a water-resistant shutter, such as wet rooms, bathrooms, showers and other damp areas. Such shutters are not only durable; they also serve to add an aesthetic value.


We make water-resistant shutters of good strength, quality and stiffness. These shutters:

·          Do not dent or deteriorate

·         Are ideal for a long term use

·         Are 100% water proof

·         Are robust and hardwearing

·         Come in a variety of sizes. You can select your slat size from 64mm, 89mm or 114mm

Like Brasswood shutters, they also come in fixed, hinged, sliding, and bi-fold styles.

Deal with us for all types and sizes of shutters. We are leading plantation shutters Sydney manufacturers and suppliers.


We even offer great savings on shutters. You will get 30% off the market price. Not just this, we offer other special offers for repeat orders. For more information on plantation shutters and special discounts, contact us.


The brilliance of dynamic professional expertise mingled with high end skills to forge shutters of every type can make you at ease and convenience in the regards of your shutter related requirements. Imperial Blinds are one of the few shutter manufacturers in Sydney who enjoy the status of states of the art service providers to the clients.


Large variety of shutters is being dished out so that you can appease your need in a well-organized manner. Our shutters are good in quality these never get deteriorated as material is designed to beat the worst weather conditions and rusting by other elements.


We are the only well trusted plantation shutters providers in Sydney. We are more than pleased to accompany with you in giving pieces of advice which enjoy the extensive experience based upon so many years of caring the customers. Our every product is designed and exalted up to the level of excellence and perfection by keeping every single details of customer requirement in view. Thats why we are considered as the most reliable service providers.


Up to 30% discount on our exclusive gamut of plantation shutters give a helping assistance to your pocket. Premium quality shutters on the best affordable rates are manufactured which are never compromised on quality. One unified solution of all of your queries and requirements is within your reach now. Different sizes and shapes are specifically designed to appease your necessities which include fixed, hinged, sliding and bi-fold styles.


Handpicked of quality engineers are at the top of their skill and art to improvise novel ideas and bring them into reality to ensure your best satisfaction. To treat yourself with life time satisfaction and unmatchable customer services please visit us as we never step back from assuring the perfectly crafted shutters for you.

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